Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now In Paperback!

I'm tickled and delighted and a bunch of other of other adjectives that my silly fairy-tale, Sir Nathan and the Quest for Queen Gobbledeegook, is now available as an actual, hold-in-your-hands, paperback!

Terribly exciting stuff!

It's available from CreateSpace, which is the Amazon-owned company that actual creates the print-on-demand books, as well as through the Amazon website itself.

I receive a greater commission for any purchases through CreateSpace, but I'm thinking I won't really be directing people to that site.  I have limited control over the online store's appearance and it just comes across a little bit shady, especially to anyone needing to enter credit card information.  Also, it asks that you create an account in order to purchase, which is a bit odd, because what are the odds a customer is going to be ordering anything else through CreateSpace?

Instead, I'll be directing potential buyers to the more recognized Amazon website, even though I get about half the commission.  I'd rather customers feel confident about placing their orders and really, I'm more interesting just in getting word of my book out there than in reaping in coins, hand over fist.  Maybe I can complain about all the lost zillions of dollars when I'm selling more than zero books a day.

The nice thing about using CreateSpace is that I can order what they call "author copies" of the book, which I can have to hand out and sell myself.  That's where I'd make the greatest amount of money.  Look for me setting up a combination lemonade and paperback stand in my driveway now that the weather is warming up.

So.  Interested in a funny fairy-tale for the 8-12 year age range?  It's got adventure.  It's got laughs.  It's got blue squirrels and mechanical monkeys.  It's available, through Amazon, right here!


  1. I love the image of a lemonade - paperback stand. That is awesome.

  2. I read just a small piece of your work and I so want to read more. I love the imagery! Imagine a tree you don't have to cut down or saw into boards. I do believe my nieces will love this book!

    1. Sunday, that's nice to hear! Let me know if I could send you a copy for review on A Book A Day Reviews.