Monday, June 4, 2012

The Road To You Know Where Is Paved With You Know What

So, so long since I've posted a blog update.  And no real good reason for that.  Well ... maybe two good reasons.

First reason is because I started a new job.  Suddenly all that free time I had to loaf around and write and edit and market went right out the window.  I guess that's why they call it "work" and not "stay home, but we'll still pay your salary".

The second reason is because I was caught up in releasing book # 2, Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task.  Those pesky books take work!  Who knew?  I had most of the writing done before the new job started, but hadn't put in much edit time.  I found myself working during the evening, after my son went to bed, when I was a lot less alert and productive.  Not good.  I also had the edits from three great helpers to fold in, too, so my thanks to Deb and Mike and Liz for all their input.  Don't know where I'd be without their help.

There.  I don't know if those can count as "good" reasons.  But that's why I've been delinquent.  Now the book is available on Smashwords and Amazon and, as soon as the website cooperates, Barnes & Noble.  Frankly, though, putting the books out as e-books doesn't do much for me for book sales.  Seems like the kids want a tangible paperback they can hold in their hands.  The e-books do help me get pointed in the right direction for release of the paperbacks, so they're not completely useless.  And they help me to start getting the word out there.

This spring I was lucky to be invited to speak with three different groups of students about Sir Nathan and the Quest for Queen Gobbledeegook.  I visited a 4th grade class at Brooklyn Elementary School, I met with a TAG program at Shorewood Elementary and just last week I met with all the kids, kindergarten through 5th, at Pecatonica Elementary School.  Great fun and the kids were awesome!  I also get to talk to a local summer-school program in just a few weeks.

Here's hoping to continued visits this coming fall where I can hear what the kids think about Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task.  I think they're going to like it, even better!

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